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Sangamon County
Animal Control
is located at:
2100 Shale Rd.,
Springfield, IL 62703

(fax 217-535-3067)

open to the public:
Monday - Friday
10:30am - 4:15pm
10:30am - 12:45pm


Disclaimer: "Friends of Sangamon
County Animal Control" is not
affiliated with the Sangamon County
Government. We are a non-profit
group of volunteers who help
homeless animals at Animal Control.

About "Friends of Sangamon County Animal Control"

Our group was formed by several active volunteers who saw the advantage of having an organization separate from county government restrictions. As a non-profit, we could then collect tax-exempt donations and apply for grants to improve the lives of the animals housed at the facility. We set up a Board of Directors and approved the by-laws in September, 2011. The Board includes four officers and meets every other month. We have set up four general committees to create and implement new ideas for Animal Control. They are volunteers, events, fund raising, and public relations. We hope the enthusiasm and dedication of our members will continue to spread and do positive things for the dogs and cats we all care about.

Mission Statement:
"Friends of Sangamon County Animal Control is dedicated to enriching the lives of, and eliminating the euthanasia of, adoptable pets in residence at Sangamon County Animal Control Center. These objectives will be served by promoting and facilitating adoptions and transfers to other animal shelters, by participating in community outreach events to enhance awareness of Sangamon County Animal Control, and by educating the community on animal welfare issues."

This article from the SJ-R also tells a little bit about the group:
"Group Formed to Support County Animal Shelter"